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When I was a junior and senior high school student, I listened to the album I was listening to to death.

When I was a junior and senior high school student, I listened to the album I was listening to to death.

Recently (Note: 2018) I’m listening only to hip -hop. And he is pulling out the album he was listening to when he was a teenager. She is nostalgic, surprised at the old sound, and often listened to songs of childish lyrics that are far from such literary. I thought about Miyuki Nakajima and Shigeru Izumiya, but it was unlikely that they would have been out of order for 30 years only for them. So, I think it’s an embarrassing project, but do you want to go?

● Jiggy “Hot Lips” (1988), “Nice & Easy” (1989)

Cool. I was not familiar with my high school student who started listening to hard rock, but now I passed the whole body directly after passing the original story, Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls.

Especially the songs that Johnny Thunders (38 years old) participated is good! The best!

By the way, my book, “Farewell, Zoshigaya”, is from Shigeichi Mori’s lyrics that “Zoshigaya is not in the morning, noon, and night”. I am also acknowledging after the postscript.

● Toshio Kadomatsu “Touch & Go” (1986)

The jingle of the TBS radio “Surf & Snow” was this person. It makes you feel good, like a junior and senior high school student stretches out and listens. It’s like cello or Sachimos now.

At that time, it should have been the latest type, but I felt the era in the arrangement. At this age, I finally noticed that Toshikoshi Kadomatsu was Tatsuro Yamashita of this generation. The voice is very similar. His face is overwhelmingly overwhelming. But Tatsuro Yamashita is so great. Last year (Note: 2017) As a person who has been completely knocked out of a 3 -hour live that has been completely knocked out of a live show in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, has been completely knocked out of a live. I can’t say it.

● Red Warriors “Casino Drive” (1987), “Kings” (1988)

We also went to Budokan for 1000 yen. I also saw “Seibu Stadium for 1000 yen”. He also 바카라카지노 visited Senshu University live in Diamond Yukai. It sold to run up the stairs. I liked it. Thirty years later, the beautiful girl appearing in Ajinomoto’s Cookdu and the Tokyo Shimbun commercial, but she was not surprised when she knew she was a guitar’s salmon daughter.

I watched the 30th anniversary live on WOWOW. He was all uncles. Among them, Yukai’s anti -aging is abnormal.

● The Blue Hearts “The Blue Hearts” (1987), “Young & Pretty” (1987)

I can’t forget the shock when I first listened to Linda Linda on my home radio. He was completely hooked and felt that all the music I had listened to was feeling.

Later, he listened to the US and the UK punk bands, but did not come to the end, and said, “The blue hearts beyond the punk is the Blue Hearts.”

As you know, Blue Hearts has been dissolved for more than 20 years. There is no reunion, and Hiroto and Mercy have never sang Blue Hearts songs live. Because they are true punks.


I miss this too. The first outer sauce I saw was Billy Joel. This is the first time that I entered the Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium designed by Kenzo Tange. He listened to this album and two -disc play just released, and participated in the live. I wanted to be rampant, so I danced with “Pressure” and put on “HONESTY”.

● Torayasu Hotei “Guitarism” (1988)

Young people will not know. After the dissolution of Bowie, when he began solo activities, Hotei was “Rocking on Japan”, who interviewed Yoichi Shibuya every time, and was treated like a god. Nevertheless, he did not even review the cover of the current route, “Gitarism III”. Completely ignored.

When the Stones performed live at Tokyo Dome in 2014, the guests were going to see Shibuya, but Shibuya went to see Hotei at all in live reviews. That’s the locking on.

Anyway, this masterpiece, which Hotei sang in full English, is a must listen. The level was high in this project. A spectacular one big picture scroll that tries to make Japanese rocks a guitar list with Bowie’s world trying to compete in the world. It was thanks to this album that I learned about Eddie COCHRAN’s “C’moneveryBody”.

● Kumiko Yamashita “Stop Stop Rock and Roll -Live 1988.12.5 TOKYO BAY N.K. Hall”

I went to see the live on this day. Immediately after the dissolution of Bowie, the cheers of Kumiko Yamashita’s husband’s cloth bag and Tsuneomatsu Matsui were so big. The keyboard Hoppy Kamiyama and the drum Junji Ikehata (of course, “The Roosters” Olimen) are too cool.

At that time, Hisamiko Yamashita was suspended. I was 30 years old now, and I guessed that I was pregnant. After all, she divorced from Hube, but both seemed to be happy and good. Even if love disappeared, the masterpiece remained.

● Off -course “As Close As Possibul” (1987)

Even if the off -course and Kazumasa Oda are told that they can choose the best 3, they will never choose, but in fact, one of the turning points.

The early members Yasuhiro Suzuki came out and re -activated with four people, creating a masterpiece album called “The Best Wear of My Life”, but a musician who has been in the world in Japan and now. Development = full -length English vocal albums are not all over the world. After losing goals, this album appeared after each announcement of a solo album.

While Kazumasa Oda’s solo album, which was released before and after, inherits the off -course routes, the Az Close As Posble has a rapid increase in English rust and the sound design will change dramatically. I don’t know Matsuo, Shimizu, and Oma, but I already had a dissolution in Oda (actually broken two years after this album).

Oda and Taeko Onuki have dueted, and Ryuichi Sakamoto has many good songs, such as the keyboard “Lies and Rumors”.

Huh. I looked back. It’s 30 years, and it’s not a short time. Everyone had various things, such as withdrawal, expulsion, reunion for money, retirement, and return. Jiggy, who has missed all Olimen except Morishige, has been singing again, but Morishige has temporarily paused in Al. Billy Joel had attempted suicide due to adultery, but recently succeeded in his 100th Magison Square Garden.

Everyone got lost and stopped, but they went on.

And I think. Did I grow up?

Sentence = Takeshiro Higuchi Illustration = Sakamoto Toshikazu

From the October 2018 issue of “Walking Master”

Takeshi Higuchi


1971 Intijima -ku, Tokyo, was born in a valley. After working for a publisher, he made his debut in 2009 with the introduction of Kazunobumi Shiraishi, who met him in the interview. In March 2020, he published a serialization of the magazine “Walking Master”, “I just thought Chisato Oe and Misato Watanabe would be married.”

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