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“Trial of new abilities”


Thank you for visiting, liking, etc.

Today is a transfer holiday due to a typhoon.

Most of the shops are closed and transportation is completely stopped.

Organizing fishing gear and cleaning before moving.

It was a surprisingly meaningful time because I wouldn’t do it until the last minute (laughs)

Yesterday, there was a house -related meeting in the morning before the typhoon.

Play in the forest as it is …

It was like this when I thought

I moved to the store

Evolved Kamen Rider

I liked it so I attached it.

I like this standard guy rather than the strongest or different dimensions.

Dive for about 4 races,

Isn’t it an exaggeration to say that it’s the strongest abilities in Gamba history? Hey. First of all, I think about the measures for Aniva Zero One, and go to Chronos + Aniba Ex -Zade. AP or AP reset is better than double reset immediately after slot reset? In the first and two rounds, they put out two chronos and use them. At this point, it is in an advantage at this point, but it is an image of the last two gamba and the 더존카지노 slot reset. Although it will be strict if the development that cannot be taken first, he has a slot reset, and he is also a defensive position to the slot -up system at the start of rounds. The strength is that the slot -up system at the time of the burst does not easily burst. The image of such a figure by cutting three rounds in the winning pattern.

Weapons are physical strength +600

Gamba Sword type Pink ⚔️

is not it.

Those who lost 3 wins and 1 loss and lost those who used a 1000 -Tekue 3 -up connector for the lost driver.

I was in a hurry in my head, so I decided that I could surpass it, so I chose AP …

I forgot my physical strength in Dagba’s abilities.

Two consecutive counters from losing gauge, two consecutive counters,

That was the only way to lose.

There was no way to do it here because the opponent’s connector selection was fine play.

Thank you for the match m (_ _) m

I got a feeling that could be handled to some decks, so I’ll dive here again.

Thank you very much.

hello. I’m an artist.

Recently, I have been to Hong Kong El on healing.

There are not many Mukbang photos or travel photos, but I want to share Hong Kong travel. Please read fun 🙂

Applying for roaming the mobile phone company the day before,

I woke up like dawn and departed with my passport, bag, cell phone and cosmetics.

And I arrived at Chek Lap Kok Airport on a boring plane.

Hong Kong Macau is the weather every time the weather is coming.

It was cloudy only in the morning and in the afternoon, but not. ;;

The dress code … I wore a trench coat because I had to wear a trench coat in Hong Kong 🙂

But the weather was hot, so I almost took off the coat.

Even in the morning, there were a lot of people at the airport. When I arrived in Hong Kong, it was 11 o’clock.

Oh, for reference, I like Crystal Jay, but as soon as I got off at the airport, I was glad to have a crystal.

If you are out, you may want to take off here.

Of course, because I ate meals, I didn’t eat as soon as I entered the country 🙂

*I will upload a picture later, but the tantan noodles are so delicious 🙂 The best.

Chek Lap Kok Airport is directly connected to AEL (airport railroad).

I took AEL to Hong Kong Station.

The airport still has no change, but AEL has one more role called fair.

For reference, if you pay AEL in Korea in advance, it is cheaper than living locally 🙂

It seems that it was about 20 minutes from Hong Kong Airport Station to Hong Kong Station 🙂

I got off at Hong Kong Station and got off the MTR (subway) and got off at Sheungwan (Sheungwan 環 Shanghuan). (The Korean tourism book says /Sheung Wan /, but it is a pronunciation of Guangdong language /쐥 쐥 /.)

I got off at the exit of Sheung Wan A2 and stopped by the Manmo Temple.

Macau’s temple has been to, but I wondered how Hong Kong was.

I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to go straight straight, but it was harder to find than I thought

I asked the local crab to the road 🙂

Thank you for being very kind to everyone.

There were even those who wrote down the paper on the paper 🙂

If you look at the pictures taken on the way to Manmo Temple, there are many old buildings.

I thought, ‘Isn’t it redevelopment here?’

When I asked an acquaintance who was born and raised in Hong Kong, Hong Kong had a lot of typhoons, so he built a house so strongly, so 50-60 years is not enough. ;

So I asked if I would rebuild for about 70 years. The exterior is said to be a new house inside.

Anyway, it’s fun to see the old buildings that are densely towering.

In the picture above, is the ‘immediate office office’ next to the Seven -Eleven building? 🙂

The picture above is an ivory art store on the way to Manmo Temple.

I saw that ivory art in Macau, but I think the technology is great.

Sorry for the elephant, but .. ㅠ

As I walked, I met the Manmo Temple sign.

Since I met this sign, I rarely asked local people.

It took a 10 to 15 minute walk from Wanwan Station. It takes more time to ask.

Finally, Manmo Temple (文 廟, Manmo Temple, Manmo Miu, Manmo Temple, Mammotemple, Mammo Temple, Manmu Temple, Wen2WU3MIAO4, Manmo Temple) appeared. (It seems to be expressed in Korean tourism books as mummo, mammo, and mammu, but it seems to be closer to the pronunciation of Mando /Mo /on the Guangdong Pronunciation Standard.)

It’s not sunny ~ The picture is not sunny.

Employees were smaller than they thought.

The surrounding is the high -rise building forest as shown below 🙂

It’s a huge difference in the next thing next to you. What is the difference between the employees and the key difference?

The first entrance of Manmo Temple (photo below)

The second entrance of Manmosa (photo below)

Perhaps the picture below is a formal entrance.

Passing through the entrance (photo below)

When you go inside the building, there’s a lot of plunge.

Many plunts are on the ceiling.

Usually, it seems to prevent the ashes from falling by putting a pedestal,

On the day I went there, there was no residency, so I visited the line and buried it on the clothes of the adultery;

It is said that if the ash rides for such a long time, the wish will reach the sky.

I would like to apply, but I didn’t just be bothered 🙂

Even if I apply for, I don’t walk to the ceiling on the spot. I see other blog posts.

The shrine was slightly shabby compared to fame.

Rather, the ceiling has a lot of scent in the ceiling and the fragrance on the foundation.

In Korea, even if you go to the same place, you can only burn one incense per party.

It seems that people here burn the scent of a lunch of one believer.

So I smelled so much that my eyes tinged.

Still, I didn’t feel so bad. Where else do you have such an experience without this place 🙂

And maybe the picture below is Pocheongcheon. Mano Temple said that there is also Pocheongcheon.

And next to it, many people were praying,

It was enshrined by the gods of the wealth, the main god of Manmo Temple, and Moon Chang -je of the scholarship.

I saw the tourism book (close -up Hong Kong Macau), I

Manmo Temple is said to be the oldest Taoist temple in Hong Kong, founded in 1847.

It is a temple made by Chinese Noh and Jaejae, known as a wealthy man, and many people come to pray for business prosperity or academic achievement.

There is a Blue Dragon Wall in front of Guan Yu, and in front of Moon Chang -je, there is a shape of a brush with a brush. (The shape of the hand holding the brush is a bit scary ;;)

In particular, there was a person who continued to pray hard with 5 ballpoint pens in the shape of a brush in front of Moon Chang -je. Maybe I was the mother of 파라오카지노 the examinee.

I left Manmowon after leaving the mackerel.

The sign in front of you say Hollywood Road. I have a lot of trees here, so I named it Hollywood Road, but I can’t remember what the tree was.

Anyway, I took a taxi and headed to Trem.


It continues in the next section 🙂

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