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Korean police top arrested again! It is not only the president who traces a pathetic end (Shinichi Hei) –Ap

South Korea’s Secretary -General of the National Police Agency was arrested on the 15th. He is the person of Kang Shinmyeong, who was appointed as the Secretary of the Police Agency under the former Park Geun -hye administration.

Former Secretary Kang has been allegedly intervened in the parliamentary election in April 2016 and collected information using police organizations to benefit the Park administration. The former Secretary of Li Cholson (the 20th Secretary) was also arrested for the same charges, but the court has rejected it.

The current Secretary, who arrested a senior secretary, is Min Capryon, 60, appointed President Bunja Tora as the 21st Secretary in June last year.

President Bun is entrusting the police reform to Secretary Minmin. Police and prosecutors’ scandals (adhesions with politics, business community, government, and entertainment worlds) are endless. Above all, it is obvious at a glance if you look at the successive secretary.

In South Korea, the police director was at the top of the police, from the founding (1948) to the 1990 military administration. In July 1991, the Police Department was renamed the National Police Agency. The term was limited to two years with the transition to democratization.

A total of 21 people have been appointed Secretary since the establishment of the National Police Agency. The only year of the arrest, the former Secretary Kang, the former Secretary of Lee, and the 13th generation under the Roh Moo -hyun administration (Lee Sun -tech).

The remaining 17 people are short -lived. For example, four secretarys were appointed for five years from the Lee Myung -bak administration (February 2008 -January 2013), but no one was able to fulfill their two -year term.

In some cases, 11 out of 21 were surveyed by prosecutors as suspects, nine of them were arrested and charged, and eight were found guilty.

▲ The second generation (Lee Insop), under the three gold swimming administration, was arrested in 1993, under the three gold swimming regulations, with the fact that bribes received bribes from slot machines.

The fourth generation (Kang Fanam) was elected to the Diet in 1996 after his retirement, but was arrested four months after the election and was forced to resign.

▲ The fifth generation (Park Il -leon), 호게임 also under the three governments, was arrested in 1998 under the Kim University administration under the Kim University administration in the “North Wind Work Incident” (a case in which North Korea was provoked on the military border).

▲ The 11th generation (Choi Gimun) under the Roh Moo -hyun administration retired, and became an advisor to the Zaibatsu company “Hanfa”, but junior police officers to apply their hospitality to the assault of “Hanfa” during the advisor. One year in prison (suspended sentence) was sentenced to the charges of working.

▲ The 12th generation (Ho Yong -jun) under the Roh Moo -hyun administration has retired and becomes the president of the Korean Railway Corporation under the Lee Myung -bak administration, but in 2011, he received a bribe worth 2 million yen. In 2017, one year in prison (two years of suspension) was sentenced.

▲ The successor 13th generation (Lee Tesson) also brought a $ 20,000 dollar and declared one year (two years of execution) in the Supreme Supreme Court (Daihoin) 10 years ago.

▲ The 15th generation (Kang Firak) under the Lee Myung -bak administration is in charge of scandals over ordering and operating rights for workers dispatched to construction sites ordered by SH Public Corporation under the umbrella of Seoul. I was sentenced to a monthly prison sentence.

▲ The successor 16th generation (Cho Hyunoo) also said in a lecture in 2010 that “President Lu Moo -hyun committed suicide after a pseudonym (back) account was discovered.” In 2013, eight months were sentenced to prison sentence. He was also charged with a bribery of 5 million yen from the construction industry and was convicted in the second instance (High Court), but he was appealing and fighting in the Supreme Court.

After the president to the top of the police retired, the trash, where the person and his family are arrested for bribery, is exactly the “Korean disease.” Unless the top of the government, justice, and legislation corrects the collar and the eradication of this chronic illness, it is not easy to reform the political and government.

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• Marketing Funny Jeju’s luxury brands stupid (?) Chinese marketing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxzva1ekj08

“The luxury brand is …” The reason why China was angry at a picture released by Dior was the Hankook Ilbo 2021.11.19

‘At this point, it’s going to stop ~’ If you forget, the provocation of luxury brands in China was again reenacted. French luxury brand Dior Dior is the main character. Dior has recently been accused of revealing a picture of an Asian woman with an eye -catching Asian woman at the Shanghai exhibition. The Chinese said, “Insult and distort Asia and Chinese culture.” Dior is still known to have no apology or explanation.

Chinese cruelty of luxury brands

This is not the first time to touch the luxury brand planting in China. The photo shows a scene from the November 2018 Shanghai Fashion Show PR video of the Italian luxury brand ‘Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana’. The Chinese model is awkwardly eating Italian cuisine using chopsticks. A rustic style model is consistent with exaggerated expressions and ridiculous actions. The Chinese accused the Chinese discriminating and discriminating against Chinese traditional culture. Dolce & Gabbana, who had no apologies, stopped selling related products at Timol and Jingdong.com, China’s representative e -commerce sites, but the brand’s image fell significantly.

Burberry pictorial accused of Chinese people for being depressed

February 2019. Burberry then inherits Baton. The problem was the advertising pictorial that made the concept of the large family for the biggest holiday, China’s largest holiday. The reason was that the expressions of the models in the advertisement seem unfortunate and depressed. As a scene from a horror film, the opinion was creepy. It gives a sulky feeling like the cover of the actual movie ‘Changhua Hong Ryun’. The Chinese people said, “I don’t think the meaning of the spring is a little,” and Burberry was also seriously hit by the brand image.

February of the same year. The global SPA brand ZARA also makes a similar mistake. We will unveil the cosmetics advertisement of the Chinese model ‘Jingwen’ through ‘Weibo’, the official SNS of China. Some Chinese who have seen the advertisements are questioned whether they are deliberately expressing the Chinese model. In particular, he expressed his greatest dissatisfaction with the ‘blemish’ covering the entire face. As a result, ‘Zara’ explained that the advertisement was not just advertising for China, but for customers around the world, but the controversy was not easy.

The scene of Leica’s promotional video “The Hunt” is also in April of the same year. Leica Leica, a famous camera brand that is not a fashion brand, is another accident. One of the brand promotional videos was a symbol of the Tiananmen Democratization Movement in 1989. The image of a young tankman blurry on the lens is stimulated not only by the Communist Party but also for some netizens. As the ripple grew, Leica explained that it was “not an official promotional video,” but it also resulted in the loss of the brand image in China, such as deleting related contents.

Controversial Versace’s T -shirt. Source Sina Fashion Weibo in August, Italian luxury brand Versace Versace once again provokes China. Hong Kong and Macau were incorrectly indicated by the T -shirt designed by Versace. This gives an impression that China is opposed to the principle of “Japanese Yangje” that China is very sensitive. As the controversy grows, Versace has apologized and destroyed all t -shirts in question.

What is the ideal beauty of modern Chinese people …?

I used expressions such as provocations, stimuli, and distortions, but in fact, China is not very sensitive to work. Political issues, such as the two countries and the Tiananmen incident, are not understood to “boycott” the brand with only the appearance of the model.

However, the Chinese people that the global brand have described have been described as factors that Chinese people don’t like. Thinly torn thread eyes, flat noses in a wide lantern, dressed skin tone and village dripping clothes, and no matter what you don’t know … In fact, the standards of the beauty of modern Chinese are clear white skin and cool eyes And a bright smile. For example, it is a different impression from the appearance of the models in the advertisement.

Western brand that stabs only a pain in China

China is the world’s No. 1 country and has fallen into hell after the opium war. The Western Powers set the description of the colonial people as well as China as a ugly and inferior character. At that time, ‘Fu Manche’, which appears as a villain with snow in the cartoon magazine, is fixed as a representative image of China.

China, where pride was so crushed, became the Global Number 2 in the 2010s. The Communist Party feels the need to maintain the political system and inspire the qualifications of the nation. In the meantime, state -owned media will take the lead to shake off the image of China that the West has drawn negatively. It maintains a strong attitude toward Western society that draws their 인터넷카지노 images negatively. Thanks to the Communist Party’s ‘Propaganda’, which does not recognize pluralism, the public also accepted the image that was slowly built, and the challenge was accepted as a challenge to you.

Is controversy intentional? Is it because I don’t know?

Then one question is here. Why does global brands continue to repeat this mistake that’s almost likely to hit the brand’s image and sales? Is it noise marketing? Or are you caught in a distorted perspective and unconsciously repeated the same mistake?

Considering that ‘Dior’ is a big issue in China due to this controversy, it can be an intentional marketing. However, this is not a good marketing method in the long -term brand loyalty. If it’s a repeated mistake that you are not conscious, this is a bigger problem. This is because these conservative global luxury brands may be obsessed with old -fashioned orientalism.

When marketing, the first thing to do is to target the target. It is the first button of marketing to set and analyze Persona. Then, a global brand that repeats mistakes may have failed to analyze the target. The bad habits of implanting the style and methods eaten in their home and Western society may not be able to properly grasp the Chinese and Asians.

The best way to understand other culture and other people overcomes controversy

China is controversial in various areas such as kimchi and hanbok. All of them and the world know that excessive patriotism isolates them from an open society. As the antipathy of China is increasing and the antipathy is increasing, the solidarity between Chinese is becoming more solid. In fact, this is the sea that Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party wants to solidify the dictatorship and to solidify the dictatorship.

In order to sell or market goods in other countries, it must be preceded to understand the history of the country and the hearts of the people of the country. You need to win each other by thoroughly investigating why they don’t like it and creating a strategy for them. This is common sense under the global economy.

It is also meaningful to think about what we do not understand before saying, ‘Is Chinese kids again?’ We operate online services related to travel in Jeju Island. I am interested in learning and changing my life and changing my life. I would like to make a good relationship here. Is the future nomad of the travel guidebook presented by the movie Green Book?

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