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Home » Flagship folding smartphone “GALAXY Z FOLD4” Released on September 29, DOCOMO and au are available (ITMEDIA MOBILE)

Flagship folding smartphone “GALAXY Z FOLD4” Released on September 29, DOCOMO and au are available (ITMEDIA MOBILE)

Samsung Electronics announced on September 8 that the latest folding smartphone “Galaxy Z Fold4” will be launched in Japan. NTT DOCOMO and KDDI will be released on September 29. Prior to the release, advance reservations will be accepted from September 8. The color is one gray green color. [Image] Galaxy Z Fold4’s actual machine photo The price of the model for au is 249,900 yen (tax included, the same applies hereinafter), and the actual burden when applying a smartphone program is 149,040 yen. The price is from au style shinjuku, which may vary depending on the store. The price of the model for docomo is undecided. Galaxy Z Fold4, the fourth generation, can be used like a tablet using a 7.6 -inch main display when opened, and can be used as a normal smartphone using a 6.2 -inch cover display. In each of the displays, “Dynamic Amored (OLED EL)” is adopted, the resolution is QXGA+and the cover is HD+. The closed state is 67.1 mm, which is the same as the predecessor “Galaxy Z Flip3 5g”, but the hinge and bezel are thinned to increase the display area of ​​the screen by 2.7 mm. The durability has been increased by adopting the cover display and the back of the back, the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+, and the frame and the hinge are armor aluminum, which claims an aircraft. It also supports IPX8 waterproof (dustproof is not compatible). The main display uses a highly flexible ultra -thin glass UTG, and has a durability that can be used for more than 5 years even if it is opened 100 times a day. By making the bezel thinner, it became 3mm wide, and the height was reduced, resulting in a more square aspect ratio. The under display camera that embeds an in -camera in the display is adopted so that the content is immersive. The maximum brightness is 1000 Nito, which supports a variable refresh rate of 1 to 120Hz. Like the predecessor, the main display also supports operations with S pen, and S Pen can be used by purchasing an S -pen case with S Pen, which is sold separately. After -sales support will be enhanced, and you will be able to exchange protective glass free of charge for one year after purchase. UIs are also devised on the software side and optimized for two -screen operation on the main display. The shortcut icon installed at the bottom of the home screen will be displayed as a taskbar while the app is started and can be easily started. In addition to simply switching the app from the taskbar, you can start up with a maximum of 3 multi -windows with drags and drops, or create an “app repair” that combines two favorite apps. In the flex mode, which can fix the body half -opened, the camera, YouTube, video conferences, etc. are optimized for two screens. For example, in the camera app, the subject is projected at the top of the screen, and the operation pads can be operated and set with the lower operation pad. For applications that do not have an operation pad, the cursor can be operated as a touchpad at the bottom of the screen. The out 카지노 camera is equivalent to the “Galaxy S22”, consisting of 50 million pixels wide -angle, 12 million pixels ultra -wide -angle, and 10 million pixels. The wide -angle camera is said to be able to shoot 23 % brightly because the pixel size has grown from Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. The telephoto camera supports three times the optical zoom, making it possible to zoom up to 30 times together with digital zoom. When you open the main unit and shoot, you can use a “dual preview” that reflects the subject on both the main display and the cover display. As a result, you can shoot while having the subject check the appearance of yourself. If you open the main unit and reflect yourself on the cover display, you can take a selfie with an out camera. The in -camera has 4 million pixels on the main display side and 10 million pixels on the cover display side. The processor is Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, the main memory is 12GB, the built -in storage is 256GB, and 5G is also compatible with millimeters. It has a built -in battery with a capacity of 4400mAh, and also supports 25W fast charging. DOCOMO and au models are both compatible with nanosim + ESIM dual SIM. You can also use Osaifu -Keitai as a unique feature of Japan. There is no external memory slot. The body size is about 130 (width) x 155 (height) x 6.3 (depth) mm, closed state is about 67 (width) x 155 (height) x 14.2 (depth) mm, weight is about 263G. As genuine accessories, “Standing Cover with Pen” with S pen holder and kick stand, “Slim Standing Cover” with kick stand, “Silicone Grip Cover” with straps that can fix the handle, and thin “Clear Edge Cover”. , “Leather Cover” using high -end genuine leather, and “Front Protection Film” with a high -sensitivity touch sensor. A campaign to commemorate the release of Galaxy Z Fold4 will be held. For users purchased from September 8 to September 28, 2022 and purchased from September 29 to October 16, “Galaxy Watch4 (40mm)” or “Galaxy Watch5” Cash back 25,000 yen for purchase.

Finally, I submitted all the transfer applications. The preparation for transfer was all over, and I left only the last semester at the community College. For transfer students, the last semester at community College is just a semester. I have been struggling for two years and I will suffer from incorporation, so I have to pour out all the souls this semester. Because the last semester does not significantly affect the transfers. What should I do? Of course it is a trip. This time, let’s introduce a little famous place.

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a world -renowned tourist destination as well as Koreans. Las Vegas is located in Nevada, near California. That’s why people are almost essential when they travel to the United States.

Las Vegas is a city of nightlife and pleasure. If there was Pompei in Rome, there is Las Vegas in the United States. The main thing is the casino and the hotel tour, but that’s enough to go here. The buffets of each hotel, a nice view, and the circus of the sun make Las Vegas brighter.

I have been to Las Vegas quite a lot. Among them, let’s introduce Las Vegas by taking advantage of the first experience of Las Vegas. At that time, we departed from San Francisco and took a car to Las Vegas. There was also a way to get on the plane from the airport, but at the time we were encroached by the youth of youth, so we chose a car. How reckless is that it takes more than nine hours to Las Vegas by car from San Francisco. Of course, in the assumption that the car is not blocked. If the car is blocked, it takes more than 10 hours. You can’t go over 10 hours at a time, so you have to rest a few times in the middle. Then you should write half a day.

In addition, there was only one person who knew how to drive at the time. So he had to drive for more than 20 hours. We were not as comfortable as we at the back seat. It was not only uncomfortable to ride in three narrow cars. But if you go to this hard time, you will be better in memory.

When the high -rise building leaves the dense city, the mountain comes out. I have to go to the mountain for almost two hours, but it is a little different from the mountains in Korea. Korea is a dense and dense mountain in Korea, but the mountain in California is not lush. Instead, there are a lot of small trees. So it feels more like a hill or a garden than a mountain.

If you go so hard and go near Las Vegas, you will see the desert. It’s not a sand desert that people think mainly, but it’s a desert that has nothing. In the middle of the desert, there is a two -lane or four -lane highway. As you run through the desert, you can think of the movie Mad Max or anger.

The downside is that there aren’t many lanes on the road, so if you have an accident, you are very blocked. Once an accident occurs, the road really becomes a parking lot. In some cases, there are some cases in the car for a few hours, and those who can’t stand it may fall into the unpaved road of the desert. I saw the cars running off -roads as if they were the main characters of the movie, and the film was just a movie. Many cars could not go forward and people were stuck in the ramp.

If you run the desert road for two to three hours, you can see the Las Vegas. At that time, we rejoiced as we found Oasis in the desert. We struggled to enter Las Vegas and lived at the hotel.

We were really surprised that we started to look back at the city in the night. It was because it was really 180 degrees different from the landscape of Bon Las Vegas during the day. ‘Oh, too, this is the city of night.’ I thought. Las Vegas was splendid inside and outside.

I really enjoyed my eyes as I walked around Las Vegas. This was like a world other than America. Surprisingly, there were many travelers who came to the family. There were a lot of people and there were a lot of people. Especially in Las Vegas, you should not get any things. If you receive it, there is a high probability of being strong. For example, a black man distributes his CD that he made a song this time. I put it in my hand to get it on purpose, but I shouldn’t receive it. If he receives that CD, he is very likely to ask for money just because he received.

Las Vegas has a lot of hotels. The hotels are all gorgeous and there are casinos inside the hotel. The casinos inside each hotel are very large. Inside the hotel, you can freely smoke and drink. There are a lot of tourists who just enjoyed it lightly, but some people do not. Wandering around the casino, you can often find people who use up to hundreds or thousands of turns per turn. So I thought the casino would be harmful to young children when I came to family. This is because the smell of cigarettes can also be lost in gambling addiction.

There are many cities in Las Vegas. There are many hotels made from the motifs of famous cities such as Paris, Venice, and New York. If you look at the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Gondola, you can see where I am coming.

Las Vegas has a white -story building. And there are rides on the roof of the building. Of course, the rides are outdoors. If you want to ride the rides while watching the night view of the Las Vegas at the height of the white floor, it is recommended to go. For reference, it is very scary.

When you come to Las Vegas, there are also a lot of luxury restaurants. There are also restaurants in Gordon Ramsey, a world -renowned chef. I personally remember Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants and the hotel buffet was not bad. The price of a hotel buffet seems to have been about 6 ~ 70,000 won per meal. It’s expensive, but it’s still worth going.

When you come to Las Vegas, there is one of the must -have circus. Las Vegas have three major shows, which are Kasho, Osho and Lerrev. The price is roughly 170,000 won, but there are people who are hesitant, but there are not many opportunities to see the circus of the sun. I remember it was gorgeous and there was a story.

Las Vegas’s hotel is cheap. Usually, 5 -star hotels are between 100,000 and 150,000 won a day. In the low season, you can stay at a 5 -star hotel at a price of 7 ~ 80,000 won a day. Las Vegas is a tourist destination, so it’s important to set up a hotel position. Whether it’s food, club, casino, circus, or shopping, you can catch a hotel near your own travel theme. Because all fun is in the hotel. I have been to Las Vegas in the United States, but I’m still one of the places I want to go back to. Las Vegas is a new place every time you go.

2. Grand Canyon

I think the Grand Canyon may know that many people know. The average people travel with Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. This is because they are located nearby. Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. It takes about four and a half hours by car from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon is a national park of the United States and is famous for being a phenomenal canyon. To some extent, many people fall as close as possible to the phenomenal nature as close as possible.

Many people only know the Grand 현금바둑이게임 Canyon, but in fact there are many canians. For example, Holschvend

(Horseshoe Bend), Antelope Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. It is good to look back at the Grand Canyon, but if you can’t afford it in time, it’s not bad to just look around the Grand Canyon. I was lucky enough to go to the Grand Canyon. I will go next time.

If you go to the Grand Canyon, you can not only see the scenery, but you can also see the light aircraft or helicopter as a whole or go down. I heard that the Grand Canyon also has a hiking course. So if you want to have a variety of dynamic experiences, you can use a variety of courses. But I was scared of light aircraft or helicopters.

According to a British media company, the Grand Canyon was chosen as the number one tourist destination to go before he died. If you go directly, you will nod your head. I had been to the Grand Canyon with my family. I went around California, USA, and my family said the Grand Canyon was the best. The Grand Canyon is a place that allows you to feel the greatness of nature.

When I went to the Grand Canyon, it was all winter. Tourists overlook here. If you go to California in the cold winter, you are surprised by the warm weather. In particular, LA is warm enough to wear short sleeves in winter. While enjoying sightseeing in LA, I usually move on to Las Vegas or Grand Canyon, which makes it cold when I go to the area. Therefore, there are occasional people who are unexpectedly unexpected and unable to adapt to the cold weather. In particular, the Grand Canyon is highly high in highlands, so it is good to take one warm coat because it goes back and forth between zero and video.